Top 10 Golf Putters

The best golf putter is the one that works best for you. But since you can't try out hundreds of putters, take a cue from "Golf Digest's" annual Hot Lists of the best putters on the market. Many pro shops and golf retailers will let you try out putters before you buy, so check out the top ranked putters of 2013 and 2014 to see which one feels the best in your hands.

1. Odyssey Metal-X

Several of Odyssey's Metal-X series putters have made "Golf Digest's" 2013 and 2014 Hot Lists, including blade and mallet designs. The 2013 blade features an offset head and has oval dimples on its solid face to help the ball roll truly, rather than skidding, when you putt. The perimeter weighting is forgiving of mis-hit putts. The Metal-X #7 is one of "Golf " magazine's top-rated putters, thanks to the club's accuracy and distance control.

2. Titleist Scotty Cameron

The Titleist Scotty Cameron blades and mallets made the 2013 and 2014 "Golf Digest" Hot Lists. The 2014 Futura X mallet contains removable heel and toe weights at the bottom of the club face, and two more weights at the back of the club head. In 2013, PGA and European Tour golfers using Scotty Cameron Select Newport putters won 11 tournaments, more than any other putter. Additionally, Adam Scott won the 2013 Masters with a Futura X.

3. Odyssey Versa

Odyssey's Versa putters reached the 2013 and 2014 "Golf Digest" Hot Lists in both the blade and mallet categories. The Versa line features black and white stripes, parallel to the club face, to help you square the putter to the target line. The Versa accounted for six PGA or European Tour victories in 2013, including Phil Mickelson's win at the British Open.

4. Odyssey White Hot Pro

As with several other series produced by this well-known putter manufacturer, Odyssey's White Hot Pro putters appear on the "Golf Digest" blade and mallet Hot Lists for 2013 and 2014. The 2014 offset blade features a non-grooved, flat face. The Tank versions are counterbalanced, with weights at the heel and toe. In 2013, golfers on the PGA and European Tours won nine tournaments with either the White Hot or White Hot Pro putters.

5. PING Scottsdale TR

The Scottsdale TR is the only PING putter to appear on the "Golf Digest" blade and mallet Hot Lists in 2013 and 2014. The mallets have grooved, aluminum face inserts and a white line on top of the head, running perpendicular to the face, as an alignment aid. "Golf" magazine notes that the Scottsdale blade putter provides good distance control, particularly on putts of 25 feet or less.

6. TaylorMade Ghosts and Spiders

TaylorMade's Ghost and Spider lines made the 2013 "Golf Digest" mallet Hot List, and then reached both "Golf Digest" Hot Lists in 2014. The offset head of the 2014 Ghost Tour blade features a grooved aluminum-surlyn face plus parallel alignment lines behind the face, on top of a white background. Justin Rose won the 2013 U.S. Open with a Spider blade putter. 

7. Nike Method

The Nike Method Midnight Series blade putters earned a spot on the 2013 Hot List, while the Method MOD putters reached the 2014 blade and mallet Hot Lists. The 2014 mallet has an old-school semicircular, face-balanced head with adjustable weights in the heel and toe. PGA and European Tour golfers won 10 events using Nike Method putters in 2013 -- including five by Tiger Woods -- second only to the Cameron Select Newport. 

8. Seemore X Series

Despite a fairly standard-looking half-circle design, the center-shafted Seemore X Series mallet putters reached the 2014 Hot List. The clubs contain a flat, dense, thermoplastic-urethane face insert, plus a golf-ball-wide alignment aid on top of the clubhead, behind the face. 

9. PING Karsten TR

This PING putter combines modern clubhead technology with a classic design to reach the 2014 blade Hot List. The horizontal clubface grooves vary in depth -- they're larger in the center of the clubface and shallower on the perimeter -- which combine with a counterweighted clubhead to offer forgiveness on mis-hit putts. The club is available with an adjustable-length shaft. 

10. Nickent Omen Tour

Nickent's Omen Tour earned a spot on the 2014 mallet Hot List. It features an adjustable heel and toe weights on the sole, while the rectangular white cavity insert behind the face helps you line up your putts. The dimpled face insert is soft, made from tellurium and copper.